Visit Be'er-Sheva


Be’er Avraham - Abraham’s Well International Visitors' Center

Situated on the banks of the biblical Be’er-Sheva River, at the gates of the Old City, discover the innovative heritage site dedicated to showcasing the life of the Patriarch Abraham and the famous well of water Address: 2 Derech Hevron (Hebron Way), Old City // Phone: 972 (0)8-623-4613

מתחם הקטר

The “Train Yard” - Engine 70414 Compound

The historic old Turkish train station has been restored and developed, with its buildings undergoing authentic restoration. In the restored compound guests can enjoy an interactive mini museum of the Israel Railway, a coffee shop, a gallery for changing exhibits, and see an original locomotive steam engine, authentic train carriages and more. Address: Corner Tuviyahu Blvd. – (Prof.) Eli Davis St. // Phone: 972 (0)8-623-4613


Carasso Science Park

This, the biggest science park in all of Israel, is a combination interactive museum and science park with activities for all ages. The park area spans approx. 18 dunam (~4.5 acres) and the buildings are from several historic periods. Address: 79 HaAtsma’ut St., Old City // Phone: 972 (0)8-625-2602


The Negev Museum of Art

The main art museum in southern Israel is located in an Ottoman-era building that had served as the District Governor’s house. Address: 60 HaAtsma’ut St., Old City // Phone: 972 (0)8-699-3535


Trumpeldor Gallery

Operated in conjunction with the Art Department at Ben-Gurion University. The center displays art installations and exhibitions of local Israeli and foreign artists. Address: 19 Trumpeldor St. // Phone: 972 (0)8-624-7706


Ha Sha’ar LaNegev (The Gateway to the Negev) - The Center for Negev Settlement

The ‘Bloomfield House’ belongs to the “Or Movement for Settlement.” It is home to Visitors’ Center that provides settlement information using advanced technologies. Address: 30 HaHaganah St., Old City // Phone: 1-800-215-216


The Fringe Theater

A theater for the new generation of artists from the South, which promotes local creativity, and has a unique social agenda. Address: Corner Anielewicz and Mordei HaGeta’ot Sts., Old City // Phone: 972 (0)8-623-7806


Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures

The museum is located in an impressive historic building. The museum courtyard has become a symbolic garden with a decorated fountain, containing archaeological artifacts of the Land of Israel and of the culture of Islam and the Near East. Address: 60 HaAtsma’ut St., Old City // Phone: 972 (0)8-699-3535

גן אלנבי- לא סופי

Allenby Garden

One of the first public gardens in the country, it was landscaped in the early 1900s by the Ottoman Turks. After WWI, a memorial to General Edmund Allenby was erected at the center of the garden. Today, it is a lovely park, open to the general public. Address: Corner HaAtsma’ut - Herzl Sts., Old City


The Artist’s House in the Negev

The building houses galleries which present and sell original art in a wide variety of media, created by local artists. Address: 55 HaAvot St., Old City // Phone: 972 (0)8-627-3828

For more information about the tourist centers: 08-6464978 I +972-8-6463777 I 8:00-16:30 (Israel time)